Friday, July 31, 2009

Hurricane Flyer Now Available!

Now that hurricane season is here, allow us to introduce a few of the new products and services that have been developed for public libraries by the Information Use Management & Policy Institute (Information Institute) at Florida State University. These new services were developed from a project designed to help public libraries to better assist their communities during hurricane disasters.

WEB PORTAL: The Information Institute’s new web portal captures many best practices to help you better prepare for hurricane season. This web portal also includes access to a comprehensive collection of hurricane information resources. Please visit the homepage of the web portal located at:

HURRICANE FLYER: A color flyer has been provided to all Florida public libraries for display and is available from the homepage of the web portal. The downloadable flyer is available from the homepage of the web portal or you may click on the image below.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: We have also created a short instructional video about this web portal that demonstrates its most useful features, including a quick how to session on accessing a broad range of hurricane-related information. That video is available at our web portal or from YouTube at:

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