Monday, April 27, 2009

Information Institute Launches Public Library Community Hurricane Preparedness & Recovery Project

Background: Florida State University’s Information Use Management & Policy Institute has been awarded a grant to assist communities to better prepare for and recover from hurricanes by better utilizing public libraries. Note the emphasis on how can a public library help their community rather than how can the library restore itself. See a project summary, article or radio interview for further information. A key part of the project is to identify public libraries that have helped their communities to better prepare for and recover from hurricanes, and document the roles the libraries played so that other libraries may learn from their experience.

How You Can Help

Initially the project team is looking for three types of information:

Are you experienced? Do you and your public library have experience assisting your community prepare for and recover from a hurricane? If so, send an e-mail to Charles R. McClure, with the following information: public library contact information [public library name, website url (if the library has), postal address, phone, fax, contact name , job title, phone (if different than library’s)] and a brief description of the role(s) your public library played when helping your community prepare for and recover from a hurricane. Note: a project team member may contact you for further information.

Hurricane preparation & recovery materials: Can you send the project team any materials (or links to them) your public library developed or found useful when assisting your community prepare for and recover from a hurricane? The materials might include: plans, checklists, policies, procedures, forms, standards, guidelines, recommendations, descriptions, newspaper articles, and best practices. If so, send an e-mail to Charles R. McClure with material in electronic format or send paper material to Charles McClure, FSU Information Institute, 142 Collegiate Loop, P.O. Box 3062100, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2100. Be sure that the material’s author and library name appears on each document.

Project Update

The project team looks forward to using this blog to share what we find and provide periodic updates to you on this project.


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